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Swim across the province to open after the popular destination hotel prices to rise by more than 50%

Date: 2020-07-28

Across the province to swim back nearly two weeks after the change after the downturn in the housing industry, with the increase of summer travel demand, many hotels, home stay facility began presenting the state so quantity and price.On July 27, Beijing commercial daily reporter learned from several hotels, hotel occupancy rate soared recently many popular tourist destination, part of sanya hotel occupancy rate of over 90%, almost full, but the price also rose sharply, some hotel prices even more than 50%.At the same time, some platform orders and the price of a home stay facility also began to rise.In the industry point of view, as across the province tourism, tourist destination accommodation prices are expected to rise further, some popular hotel or even a room is hard to find.

According to the data provided by the company, according to a July 21 solstice during July 30, hotel room night volume on June 21 solstice soared during June 30, among them, the chongqing hotel growth of 41%, in addition, xi 'an, hangzhou, Shanghai, yunnan, guangxi region hotel room nights respectively increased by 87%, 45%, 72%, 66%, 74%, and the popular destinations sanya rose more than double, to 105%.

From the hotel group, the relevant person in charge of intercontinental hotels group, said the coming of the summer really pull its hotel bookings, especially the traditional holiday in hainan, yunnan, sichuan hot destination hotel, summer occupancy rate rise sharply, other city vacationing industry surrounding the hotel is also very popular.Ways, in addition, from local hotel group on July 14, owned by China hotel occupancy rate of 80% on average, including Shanghai, xian, hangzhou, chengdu and other popular cities average occupancy rate has exceeded 85%.In addition, Beijing business newspaper reporter also learned that like some popular hotel sanya area, occupancy since July is almost full.ClubMed, said an official with the China relevant during July 1-15, ClubMed resort sanya is the actual occupancy rate has reached 90%;The mangrove holiday inn resort yalong bay, sanya has also revealed that the hotel in the near future also has full room.The personage inside course of study is expected, the next August, the hotel occupancy rate will further enhance.

At the same time in the hotel occupancy rate rising, also led to rising house prices.Beijing commercial daily reporter also login to ctrip query, like sanya hotel Atlantis, basic within 3000 yuan price in June, now the hotel with big bed room price has risen to 3500 yuan a night, and mangrove holiday inn resort yalong bay, sanya deluxe seaview room, from less than one thousand yuan a night price rose to 1400 yuan a night, also like Eddie Johnson sanya hotel by the previous 2200 yuan rose to 2500 yuan a night is even higher.In addition to the popular tourist destination in sanya, Beijing, chengdu, Shanghai and other cities hotel prices have increased.Food resort at the weekend in Beijing, for example, many hundreds of yuan prices rise in prices.

Quantity price's rise is not only a hotel, a summer of Beijing suburbs home stay facility orders and prices have surged.According to the latest statistics bureau of Beijing literature brigade, Beijing rural tourism business units (household) gradually return to work and production, 67% is now to return to work.At the same time, residents travel enthusiasm and part of the boutique hotel of a home stay facility "is hard to find a room at the weekend.Moreover, according to the home stay facility platform way home data also showed that since July, security and privacy of rural home stay facility demand increased dramatically.Specific view, huairou, miyun, pinggu, changping suburban home stay facility bookings during the same period last year compared to the same or even increase.Pinggu and a cloud of home stay facility bookings rose more than 100%, yanqing area of home stay facility trading volumes have been restored to the same period last year 90%.At present Beijing suburbs swim home stay booking more than 55% of the orders on August.In addition, as some scenic spots surrounding, such as huangshan, within the territory of the scenic spot to publish all under the age of 18 tourists after adopted a policy of free admission, the home stay facility orders of huangshan mountain area by more than 50% the day before.

Beijing second foreign languages institute of tourism science and the director of the institute hui-min gu said the hotel price is closely related to market bookings, general hotel reservation amount reaches a certain degree, after prices have rebounded.For vacationing industry hotel, the summer is going to be a passenger flow peak season.Huamei hotel consultant agency chief knowledge officer, senior economist at Zhao Huanyan believe that summer is fast "h." period, tourism industry in brigade headquarters announced provinces swim back up, tourist travel demand growth, for hotel, home stay accommodation sector business recovery is obvious, then, the hotel should pay more attention to health, at the same time of tourists increase the epidemic prevention and control work.

Senior tourism Wang Xingbin also said that as a result of the global outbreak, outbound tourism temporarily can't open, and swim across the province also absorb part of the original guest group of outbound tourism, domestic tourism services actually also can do some adjustments for this part of the guest group, develop some high-end tourism products, further enhance the service quality of the domestic travel products.